Slab Leak Detection

Slab Leak Detection Water Lines

Most homes in Tulsa are built on a flat concrete block, known as a “slab”. Prior to laying the foundation, the pipes are constructed and cement is poured over the pipes and sewage lines, completely encasing the pipes. Unfortunately, for various reasons, the plumbing or drainage pipes occasionally develop leaks. Symptoms of a slab leak may include sudden loss of water pressure, an increase in your water bill, water seeping into the basement, accelerated house settling and cracks in the foundation, driveway or other cemented areas where pipes may be present underneath.

A Tulsa slab leak can lead to costly repairs that may require an excavation of a large area inside your home and possible time away from work. We recommend resolving the leak as soon as possible so that you can avoid the additional problems caused from further neglect of your issue. York Plumbing and Mechanical Services specializes in Slab leak detection and repair.

“Crew York” utilizes advanced detection equipment that allows us to quickly and easily locate the problem area. Once the leak’s location has been identified, we create a point of access, which may require some digging, and we then repair or replace the leaky pipe.

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